Thursday, June 16, 2016


    "Heights of Wisdom" is a fiction story about a negro woman who is named "Wisdom" and appears to be Jesus reincarnated. But some of it is not fiction. Many of the problems it shines a Light on are real and in need of humanity's attention - the Heart of humanity really is in need of being saved from further destruction.
   Heights of Wisdom was written and published, as a sequel for the Personal Journal publications, from the summer of 2004 to January 2006. I was forced, by heavy targeting, into discontinuing it before it was finished. But I am now writing this hopeful pre-conclusion, because it is helping me to retain a bit of hope for all of us. Even fiction hope is better than no hope at all. 
   This conclusion will be short, because of ongoing targeting. The full conclusion will happen when I have regained my freedom from all levels of the targeting. Maybe, if I am very lucky, it will never fully end but will keep blossoming into the world.

 Brightening Hope

A bit of hope flickers
Then brightens again.
Memories of a time.
From way back then.
Hope for the darkness
To come to an end,
Where Light's wings
Spread in the wind,
As I bring Wisdom
Back into my life,
And dare pretend
All will be alright.

More coming soon. 

Information on the targeting

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