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Chapter Two - Wisdom's Tearful Return

Chapter Two
Wisdom's Tearful Return

Down to Earth to Live and Learn. 

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      Wisdom reluctantly returns from a long spiritual retreat, in order to help an old friend named Rose. Rose is one of the people who have been trying to help save the Heart of humanity from destruction. But her homes, her work and her life have been being heavily targeted/sabotaged by a darkness that keeps her surrounded. Wisdom preferred to remain on her retreat, but she had a nagging feeling that something was horribly wrong and she wanted to find out what it was. She hoped that Rose would be able to fill her in.

   As Wisdom approached the parking lot where Rose's van was broken down, she was surprised to suddenly hear tires screeching in three different directions around her. When Rose spotted her she rushed to put out a cigarette and jumped out of her car. Wisdom waddled up to her holding her arms wide open and a smile slowly spreading across her wrinkled dark, face. Rose rushed into the hug. "I'm so glad to see you," Rose said as she struggled to hold back her tears.
  Wisdom held her in strong bear hug until her tears finally started flowing,. Rose cried, "I feel like my life's work was all a waste, because it only applies to natural disasters and events. In the end of 2011 I began to realize that much of what is happening to people is not natural. They are holocaustal crimes against humanity. With various types of weather modification technologies storms can be redirected or even created. And the same goes for earth quakes and tornadoes. These technologies are what is damaging the Earth and its atmosphere. Microwaves, chemicals and various types of parasites have also been used to inflict physical illnesses upon people too. Most of this appears to be eugenics based targetings for population control. Some of it is horrible cruel satanic targetings."
   A car slowly drove by with windows wide open and a couple pretending to have an argument. "Get out of here!" the man loudly yelled at the woman as he screeched on his breaks and then took off again.
   Wisdom was a bit distracted by it. Rose Ignored it and continued, "There is a satanic occult type of organization that has been aiming to completely enslave humanity, with pharmaceuticals and technological mind control, since before the 1950s. Microwaves shot into the human body can cause or mimic almost any type of physical or mental illness. This has been being done to people, in order to put them on the various types of mpharmaceuticals that aid the technological mind control. In 2008, some of these types of drugs were even being found in public drinking water."
  A truck pulled up in the spot next to Rose's van with a radio blaring so loud that Wisdom could hardly hear Rose who was obviously extremely distressed. Wisdom reached out to sooth her with a hand on her shoulder. Rose's eyes teared up, "Do you hear what I'm saying, Wisdom? These disasters and illnesses are not natural! This puts a whole new twist on everything! And the worst part is the technological and pharmaceutical mind control. Humanity has been being enslaved and blocked from any depth of feelings. This is literally destroying the Heart of humanity. People have been being turned into puppets for those who target us! Wisdom, I'm so scared! It looks like most of humanity is already enslaved!"
   A woman walked by them holding the left side of her head, just before Wisdom felt a stabbing pain in the left side of her head. Then a man walked by a loudly coughed. Rose continued, "Under the constraints of the mind control..." and then she started choking.
    "Sorry," Rose said as she did a final clearing of her throat, "I was going to say that, um. I forgot. Oh, I remember. I was going to say that. . .under the constraints of the mind control countries have been being pitted against each other, citizens and governments have been being pitted against each other, family members have been being pitted against each other. The Heart that we were trying to heal has been being destroyed. And its NOT people's choice to be suppressing and closing their Hearts. They have no choice. They don't even know what is happening to them - they do not know that they are being controlled!"
   The truck, with the blaring music pealed out, leaving the screech of his tires to permeate the silence that followed his departure. "Oh my!" Wisdom exclaimed as she shook her head and struggled to concentrate on what Rose was saying.
   Rose continued, "Some people, especially those who are less controllable or are starting to realize what is happening, have been being cruelly tortured - their homes and jobs sabotaged, deprived of the help they need things they love and literally tortured with microwave and laser weapons on top of being stalked, harassed and threatened. This is happening to me. Most of the time I hear a loud ring in my ears from the microwaves rushing into my head! Sometimes its painful. I experience painful laser weapon attacks to various parts of my body on a regular basis. My brain function is often interfered with. Its all so horrible that many victims have committed suicide, in order to escape it, because there seems no other way out. There are covert "rescues" set up around us but they lead to complete enslavement, giving the victim and new name and facial reconstruction and a job serving the program that is targeting us. Some of these enslaved victims are thought to be dead but aren't. Those of us who refuse to go the that "home" are tortured. Most of us suffer in ways that no one could possibly understand. Its horrible, Wisdom. Its all just too horrible! I've been at my wits end. I feel like I just can't take anymore. I don't know how I've survived this long."
   A voice, from somewhere behind them yelled, "YOU ARE GOING TO GET NAILED!" Rose was about to go on but Wisdom held her hands up in front of her. "Wait a minute! Just wait a minute, Honey. What on earth is going on here? What is all this commotion about?"
   Rose explained, "Its covert harassment. Some people call it 'gang stalking.' The people who target me have me under surveillance and they are doing a heavy round of harassment, in order to scare you away. These people are their puppets. I try to ignore it so that it won't drive me crazy. I was hoping you wouldn't notice." Wisdom stared at her, "How can anyone not notice this chaos? I felt a sudden stabbing pain in my head after that woman walked by holding her head! This is all a bit too weird. Is it always like this?"
   Rose said, "I'm sorry. I didn't know you were lasered. The pain is the electronic torture that appears to be done through laser systems built into satellites. They have done that sort of thing to me a lot over the decades. The covert harassment is not always this bad. Most of the time its milder. But there are a lot of vamp ups like this one. But its almost always there when I'm out in public, which is 100% of the time since I became homeless. Are you OK?"
   Wisdom sat in the driver seat of Rose's van, leaned her head back and closed her eyes, "This is all a bit of a shock and to be trying to take in all this information with such chaos surrounding us is a bit much! My brain feels like its a fog. I just need a few minutes."

   Wisdom climbed out of the van a few minutes later, put her hands on Rose's shoulders, stared into her eyes and gently asked, "Are you sure, honey. Are you absolutely 100% sure?" Rose began to cry. Between her sobs she said, "Yes. Yes, I. . .I'm s-sure. Its true. Its - too - horribly - true. What are we going to do?"
   Wisdom looked dumfounded. Her hands shifted from Rose's shoulders to her own Heart, as if protecting it from a painful blow. "Oh my God!" she exclaimed as she dropped her head to pray and a car drove by blaring its horn.
   After a couple minutes Wisdom look up to the sky with tears rushing down her cheeks, "I am so, so incredibly sorry," she said, "I had no idea. From my perspective I could see that a darkness was taking over humanity, and that the disasters were happening due to too many closing their Hearts, but I didn't know that their Hearts were being forced closed with technologies invading their minds and pharmaceuticals being forced upon or sneaked into them. And its shocking to learn that the disasters were being inflicted by human beings attacking other countries, cultures or towns. Oh, I wish I'd known!"
    She gazed back up at the sky, as if looking for a sign of God, and felt small sharp pains shooting into both of her eyes. But she ignored it and turned to hold her arms open to Rose. A voice snidely yelled, "OH GOD!" as Rose fell into her embrace.
    For several minutes they held each other tight and cried on each other's shoulders before Rose slowly pulled away. It had been so long since she'd experienced a hug and genuine compassion from a fellow human being that it threatened to trigger a complete break down and there was not time for that. Besides, she is held under constant satellite surveillance and has often gotten tortured for heavily crying. Though her work was about releasing, instead of suppressing, her pain, she is now suppressing more than she ever has.

   The round of covert harassment had finally subsided. Rose wiped her tears away and softly broke the silence, "I have written a series of papers and books about the targeting. My work has become trying to expose the targeting so that it can be stopped. But I have not been able to do a very good job with it. Most people seem to be too brainwashed to even start to believe that this could be happening. Most of them seem to think I'm crazy. And I've been so strictly watched and followed that most of the people whom I had reached, or gotten close to, seem to have been either brainwashed, killed, heavily targeted or completely enslaved into covert program that targets us all. Evidence of the targeting seems to have been being destroyed through the past few decades. It like the world's worse secret." Sharon paused, "Wisdom, they seem to attach these psychotronic weapons to our brains. These technologies can read our thoughts, implant thoughts and dreams and visions. This has been being done to me. They can even do complete personality swapping between people. There seems no escape from it. Its like being in the most horrible prison! Sometimes I feel like its driving me crazy. I just want to be me, but the interference with my brain continues no matter how I feel about it!"
   Rose clasped her hands to stop the trembling, while Wisdom asked, "What about the FBI and other levels of government help? What is being done to stop this?" Rose shrugged her shoulders. Its all too confusing. It appears that government officials have also been being targeted and enslaved. The media and government are not yet even acknowledging that any of this is happening. Most of them seem to not know about the mind control because they are victims themselves. So there is no place where we can safely go for help and protection. I'm concerned that some of the police and FBI people, whom I have turned to for help, may have been more heavily targeted. I am not sure what is happening at this point. Its all really confusing and scary. Its like living in a science fiction horror movie that most people cannot even acknowledge or believe is really happening. . .and it goes on and on and on and on. . .and I have been at my wits end. I search and search for solutions but my mind feels like it just spins in circles and there seems nothing else I can do. I feel too trapped."
   Wisdom patiently listened and gave Rose a periodic rub on her back or arm, holding her hand most of the time. Despite her efforts to suppress her tears they now steadily flowed down Rose's cheeks as she continued, "I've realized that my own whole family has been being targeted since the 1960s. At least some of my family members, and other loved ones, have been enslaved and used to help target me or have me labeled as "mentally ill" and institutionalized. I've been struggling to survive until genuine help can be here for us. But I've been being too heavily targeted, sometimes tortured with laser and microwave weapons and experience debilitating levels of radio waves being shot into my brain most of the time. I feel like I've been shoved into their dark pit and am slowly drowning and have had no solid rope to..." Rose sobbed, "No solid rope to grasp and hold onto - no way to climb out. I don't understand why this is happening to me. I've tried to figure it out, but nothing is clear and sure. I keep wondering where I went wrong. I have made my fair share of mistakes in life, but nothing earth shattering. I feel like I've failed with most of what I've tried to do with my life."
   Rose leaned into Wisdom's hug and surrendered to a few more sobs before taking a deep breath and continuing, "They have not only sabotaged my aims to do my work, but also altered some of my writings. They even erased the part that said you are an ancient negro! What's with that? When I look back at the "Embracing Feelings" part of my work I feel like a hypocrite. I feel like I am not fully surviving the targeting. Since the loss of the last home I owned, and since my financial ruin, it feels like they have shoved me into a dark pit, that is surrounded by their puppets who have kicked me back down every time I tried to climb out. There have been many times, like right now, when I am technologically tortured when I deeply cry.
    Sometimes it is just pain, as if microwaves are being shot into my brain, and sometimes it feels like a clamp on my head that imprisons my brain and stops all feelings and hurts. Its horrible! There are many times when I have felt desperate to get away from it, to duck behind something or put up a shield to protect myself. But there is no escape from it. Sometimes I deep breath and pretend its not happening so that it doesn't make me go completely crazy and freak out, because they could have me locked up  if I don't hold up an appearance of retaining my sanity. Sheets of lead could help protect my brain but they cut back on the amount of financial help I got the last time I aimed to buy lead and herbs to help combat what they are doing to me. Oh, Wisdom, I have not been handling this well. I don't know what to do." Rose gets a bit choked up and stops talking for a few minutes. Wisdom patiently waits until she regains her composure. "I'm so glad your here, Wisdom. I'm sorry I'm rambling on " Rose fell silent. There was too much happening to explain it all.
   Wisdom, gently grabs Rose's hand, squeezes it and sadly says, "Its OK, honey. I'm sorry I didn't get here sooner. That ring in the ears has also been happening to me since I got here. And it started happening periodically during and after a young man had climbed the mountain to visit me. I'm now concerned that he may be being targeted too. They are now targeting me too. I am beginning to understand why you are so stuck within yourself. The radio waves that are being shot into my brain are debilitating. My thoughts keep going in circles. It feels like my brain is stuck in a mud rut and it's tires just keep spinning and getting nowhere as I try to understand what you are telling me." Wisdom's appearance is a serious threat to those who target her. Wisdom has a power that is stronger than theirs, although the microwaves were weakening her.

Give us STRENGTH, find our way through
bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE,
make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land

   They both fell into an exhausted silence, sitting side by side in the back of Rose's van, heads leaning against each other just before a car quickly swerved close to the back of the van and blared its horn two times. Both of them were startled. Wisdom turned in her seat to look into Rose's eyes, "Honey, you need to stop blaming yourself for the state your in. Yes, you are smoking and not eating well, but you'd be crushed if you remained completely open under the torturous scrutiny of those who target you. Your work with opening your heart is why they are targeting you so severely and it could be worse if you hadn't closed up a bit."
   Rose's eyes started tearing up and her lower lip began to quiver. Wisdom pulled her into her arms, held her tight and stroked her hair as she continued, "Nobody can hold up against being steadily stalked, harassed and tortured with no place to turn to for help and protection. They have been hitting you with severe rounds of this since the early 1990s and I honestly don't know how you've been able to survive for this long. You've not had the privacy and peace and freedom that is required for your type of work. You did the best you could. You are no hypocrite. They just want you to look like one. And they want you to feel like a failure, but this is their failure, not yours. Its all part of their cruel targeting game. They have set you up so that you are damned if you do and dammed if you don't and the only way out is for the targeting to be stopped."
    Rose sat up, wiped her cheeks and nose on the sleeve of her sweatshirt, and said, "Thank you, Wisdom. Thank you for believing in me." With tears welling in her eyes again she looked at Wisdom and said, "I needed that. Do you want to read my articles? That would probably make this easier."
  "Yes," Wisdom sighed, "Let me take a bit of time to read them and pray for answers. Mind if I use the bed in the back of your car?" Rose dug into a box, pulled out her only copy of her "Technological Holocaust" book, handed it to Wisdom and gave her a hug. "Sorry to be the bearer of such bad news."  Wisdom shook her head, "Honey, I am the one who should be sorry. I had partially turned my back on humanity, thinking that they were choosing to close their Hearts. I feel bad that I did not realize the technological control sooner." Tears again gathered in Wisdom's eyes as she said, "Its time for me to stop turning away. Its not been good for me either. I need it too - the support and love and comfort that we have all been losing and missing and needing from each other." Rose squeezed Wisdom's hand, gave her a reassuring, "Its OK."
   Rose thought for a few seconds and then asked, "Do you still call God the Commander?" Wisdom laughed. "Sometimes, but that was just a bit of a defiant joke." Rose asked, "What was the joke?" Wisdom said, "I had visited a psychic in Arizona who had tried to convince me that I am an alien and that the commander of the ship watches over me. Can you believe that? I left thinking, 'God is my only Commander.' I don't really believe in the whole alien thing."
   "I don't either," Rose said before thinking for a few seconds and adding, "I hope you don't mind my asking, but I have wondered for a long time. Are you Jesus?" Wisdom laughed. "No. I'm not." She looked at Rose with a twinkle in her eye and exclaimed, "Look at me! I'm a chubby, wrinkled black lady. Do I look like Jesus? I'm Wisdom."
   Rose felt like there was something that Wisdom was not telling her. But she let it go and went for a walk. Wisdom settled herself into a comfortable spot and closed her eyes to rest for a few minutes. She did a visualization to try to bring herself into a more peaceful place. She imagined herself sitting at a waterfall listening to the sound of the water and song birds. As she did this two teenagers walked by the van. One said, "Peaceful waterfall." And the other said, "I love the birds." This was Wisdom's first experience with hearing puppets responding to her thoughts. It seemed a bit too far fetched for her to fully believe it to be anything but a coincidence. But it is a very real part of the intrusive technological targeting.
  She opened the book and began to read. And a voice yelled from yet another a passing car, "Its all lies! She's CRAZY!" But Wisdom knew Rose and she knew better. About a minute later another vehicle rushed by and a man angrily yelled, "You f____ing bitch!" Wisdom did not want to be subjected to such vulgarity. The oddest part was that those words kept echoing in her head, repeated over and over again. She pulled out a pair of ear plugs, that Rose had given her, stuffed them in her ears and started reading again.

  This is not the whole chapter. Please also check back later.

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