Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Oh let it really come true
For all of humanity,
Including me and You.

 This was written under such distress that it plans to blossom into
a more complete conclusion after my freedom has been regained.
If I am lucky, Wisdom may keep blossoming into the world. 

Let your Heart be touched

Poetic Publications

Information on the targeting

Suggested books

Embracing Sadness
A self help book for people who are interested in releasing their
emotional pain and opening theri Hearts to deeper levels of Love.

The Heart Bud
A compilation of articles, which grew from the Personal
Journal and the Technological Holocaust publications.

Technological Holocaust
Exposing the Technological Holocaust for all of humanity

Targeted in America
A more personal account of the targeting.

The next "Heights of Wisdom" book may blossom into the future

  Copyrighted with all rights reserved

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